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Solutions to fit your needs

We can customize any project to fit exactly what you are looking for. We offer backup power solutions, custom lighting and much more. See below some of our recent projects.



Clean Power

Using solar panels these 6 provide over a Kilo-watt of power every hour of full sun light. This enables the customer to use the power generated by the sun to run two circuits in their house free from the utility (reducing power bill ever so sightly) and having the option of having electricity when the utility power goes down.


Stored power

(3) 100 AH LiFePo4 batteries store unused power for use during the dark part of the day. New technology allows for full use of the batteries compared to old lead batteries.



Charging Power

Victron Energy has the best equipment for charging batteries from the solar source. Built in bluetooth allows for quick and informative monitoring of the devices that provide efficient power.


Power to use

Using the Inverter to supply a couple circuits in the home will allow for backup power in the event of a grid outage.

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